Hiring Roofers

dont get screwed when hiring a roofing companyHow do I choose a Roof Specialist?

I’ve dealt with my fair share of roofers in my time, some good, some bad, others down right awful, I hope the guide below finds you before you find the bad or the downright awful!

One of the best places to begin looking for a roofer is trade association websites such as the NFRC or CORC. Always make sure the roofing contractor you hire is registered with at leasat one major. Consider at least 3 quotations from three different companies before choosing one. This is the suggested approach when choosing any home professional or contractor.

Weeding out the cowboys, or how to spot a dishonest contractor

It’s every property owner’s headache: Choosing a contractor that looked capable on first impression, only to have him/her make a mess of your lovely home through lack of skill! The good news is, your best defense against this disappointment is good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Ask friends, family or nearby neighbours for referrals (or warnings!) relating to local companies. Ask them if the work was finished in schedule and within budget. Also, you can ask the potential contractor for a portfolio of personal references and images of their work. Any good contractor is going to be happy to provide you with these. If they’re not, it’s probably wise to look somewhere else. A list of costumer’s addresses would also be helpful, as you could personally see the work.

Evaluate the problem yourself first

One of the key signs that your roofer might be a dodgy tradesman is if he exaggerates the scale of the problem, how much work he will have to do and, subsequently, what kind of money you’ll need to shell out. It was actually a roofing company in Barnet who gave me this advice ( SQR Roofing And Building Services) , it’s so simple and yet makes so much sense, on further research it is actually recommend by industry experts that you attempt to evaluate the problem yourself first prior to calling anybody out. For example, if your roof leaks from one small, single area, it is unlikely you need a full re-roof and instead will simply require one section to be patched and repaired.

If you have a friend or member of the family with knowledge of home improvements or DIY, ask if they would take a look for you. If not, use a ladder to safely and carefully look at the damage yourself.

Check their credentials

It is vital that you always look into a company diligently before employing them to complete any work. This means ensuring that they are a qualified, experienced and insured company with the related accreditations and trade associations.

One of the most effective ways to work out swiftly if they are a well established firm is to ask for all their details – which includes their address and telephone number. Any roof contractor who just gives you a mobile number should raise your suspicions as they are then almost untraceable.

Inquire about their experience

Before contracting a roofing company, even one reccomended like SQR roofing & Building were recomended to me to re roof my flat roof industry experts suggest that you make sure they’ve got related experience executing the job you need them to do. It is ineffective to hire a roof contractor with unique experience in thatched roof restorations when you need a new flat roof installed and it’s likely that, following their work, you will have to hire a second roofer to fix the job the first one didn’t do!

Instead, ask them to be truthful with their working experience. You want to ensure you employ a roofer that has a wealth of knowledge and professional experience undertaking the actual job you require. There’s no point wasting your time – or theirs!

to do fix the roofIn Summary

Finally, trust your intuition. If a roofer rubs you up the wrong way, even at the contract stage, don’t be afraid to back out prior to signing and resume your search. Unless water is pouring in overhead, it pays to take your time on this major financial commitment.

The BBB ( better business bureau) offer some good advice in the video below before hiring a roofer:

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